Other DPPEA Announcements

RBAC Announces C&D Recycling Webinar Series
DPPEA’s Recycling Business Assistance Center is developing a series of construction and demolition waste recycling webinars to begin in September 2009. The FREE webinars are designed to be an easy way to get information and resources about C&D recycling to a wide audience – local governments, haulers, recyclers, contractors, builders, designers/architects, manufacturers, college/university staff and others. The series of four webinars will be held from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month from September through December, 2009. Attendance is limited and participants will need to register for the events, http://www.p2pays.org/rbac/CDwebinars.html. For more information contact Matt Todd at (919) 715-6522 or Matthew.Todd@ncdenr.gov.

Recycling Waste Vegetable Oil
N.C. DPPEA encourages your local government to consider recycling waste vegetable oil at your convenience centers. With the expansion of bio-fuels production in the state, the demand for WVO is growing. Most collection programs are set up using covered and well-labeled 55-gallon drums for collection at convenience sites. Markets for the collected WVO range from commercial bio-diesel producers to local individuals that are home brewing bio-diesel. To see a partial listing of available WVO markets visit our Recycling Markets Directory (www.p2pays.gov/dmrm/) and search the terms, "Food" and "Cooking oil." To find out more about recycling waste vegetable oil and cooking oils, contact Tom Rhodes at Tom.Rhodes@ncdenr.gov or at (919) 715-6516.

Recycling Agricultural Plastics
North Carolina is home to numerous farms and nurseries that utilize agricultural plastics. When the growing season has ended or when these plastic products have outlived their usefulness, they are generally destined for a local landfill. However, there are growing recycling options for items such as plastic flower pots, nursery trays, greenhouse cover, bale wraps and other agricultural plastics. DPPEA is working to develop a network for "AG" plastics recovery and encourages local governments to contact us for information about how to develop programs to recover these products. Check our markets directory at www.p2pays.org/dmrm/ for our new listings using the search terms, "Plastic" and "Agricultural Plastics." For further information, contact Tom Rhodes at (919) 715-6516 or Tom.Rhodes@ncdenr.gov.

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