Local Government Disposal Ban Activity Survey and Group Purchase of Ban Stickers

DPPEA requests your help in tracking local government activity surrounding the upcoming disposal bans. The information you share can be of help to your peers in offering examples of effective ways to react to the bans.

Thanks to a suggestion from Blair Pollock in Orange Co., DPPEA has created a disposal ban sticker targeting plastic bottles and aluminum cans that could be placed on disposal containers. DPPEA intends to produce these high-quality stickers for distribution around the state and welcomes local governments to participate on a joint purchase for any dedicated supply they may want. The approximate cost will be around $.08 per sticker.

Please complete this survey providing us with information about any disposal ban education that your local government has completed or plans to provide. Also include your thoughts on the idea of a disposal ban sticker (sample artwork can be found in the survey). Please reply to the survey by Friday, Sept. 11.

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