Part 1 – Environmental Stewardship Initiative webinar

The N.C. Environmental Stewardship Initiative will be conducting a two-year pilot program for non-DENR regulated organizations beginning in January 2010.
Participants in this pilot program will be expected to make a commitment to continuous environmental improvement and report annually on progress made toward at least two measureable goals. Pilot program members will also be required to participate in at least 75 percent of ESI training opportunities. An environmental management system is not required to join the pilot program, but an ESI Stewardship Plan is encouraged. Membership in this pilot program will be open to individual facility sites only; applications covering multiple sites will not be allowed.
Note - Facilities that have only storm water permits, active RCRA identification numbers, or are subject to landfill bans and other local ordinances are considered non-DENR regulated for the purposes of this program.
The ESI will be conducting a Web presentation about the pilot program to prospective members on Oct. 7, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. If you are interested in attending please sign up HERE and registration information will be sent to you when it becomes available.

*Applying to the pilot program does not guarantee acceptance. Pilot partner applications will be evaluated by ESI staff for acceptance into the program. Staff decisions will be based on criteria such as commitment, goals and industry sector of the applicant.
The deadline to apply to the pilot program is Oct. 31, 2009.

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