Part 2 – Why join the Environmental Stewardship Initiative?

Technical Assistance: Do you have wastes that you want to reduce, reuse or recycle but don't know what to do? Do you want to find ways to reduce your energy or water costs? One of the benefits of ESI membership is that you have access to the technical assistance offered by the division of Pollution Prevention. Members can have DPPEA staff come to their business and conduct water, waste or energy assessments at no cost. We help you find ways to green your business and reduce your environmental footprint.

Assistance on Annual Reporting: Worried that having to report annually will be too much for you? ESI staff will provide assistance in completing your annual report.
Networking: The Environmental Stewardship Initiative holds an annual members meeting where you can hear presentations from other ESI facilities and network with organizations that share your interest in green business.

Monthly Newsletter: Every month the ESI distributes "e-News." It is a great way to share member profiles, accomplishments and case studies with the ESI membership.
Mentoring: Many current members have the skills and abilities to mentor a business that may not know where to start or what to do to become green. In fact, mentoring is a requirement at the Steward level of the ESI, and the Stewards enjoy sharing their expertise and experiences with other members, either one on one or through the Steward webinars hosted by DPPEA.

Still not sure? Here is what some of our members have to say:
"By being an Environmental Steward, we have been tasked with setting an example for other entities in the state. While this seems daunting, it has compelled us to do even more than we thought feasible. Through enhanced collaboration with DENR officials and other Stewards, we have exceeded our expectations in all areas: compliance, conservation and economy." - Danny Miller, Fleet Readiness Center East

"It has given us an opportunity to be part of something larger than just our industry arena. It proves that we aren’t in this by ourselves and we are part of an excellent team, working together to improve the environment, be good stewards and shapers of our future." - Ray Price, Smithfield Packing Co.
"Provides a great forum for exchange of ideas, from recycling opportunities that one person can implement to full scale large project opportunities." – Jennifer Adams, Corning
"The ESI group has opened up networking with other businesses that I never would have made." - Greg Lathrop, Engineered Sintered Components

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