Plastics Info Part 3 - County Rankings for Plastic Bottle Recycling

Guest Blogger – Katie

Right now, four out of every five plastic bottles used in North Carolina are thrown away. If all the plastic bottles generated in the state were recycled, more than 2.4 billion additional plastic bottles would be kept out of the landfill annually. That’s a lot of bottles!

Ninety-five percent of North Carolinians have access to a local government recycling program through either curbside pick-up or drop-off centers. Some local government programs are doing a great job recycling these materials, whereas others have room for improvement. The top ten counties for recycling plastic bottles on a per capita basis are:

1) Orange County
2) Pamlico County
3) Craven County
4) Mitchell County
5) Davie County
6) Catawba County
7) Guilford County
8) Yancey County
9) Currituck County
10) Dare County

Don’t forget, plastic bottles will be banned from the landfill starting on Oct. 1, 2009! Do your part to keep plastic bottles out of the trash.

To see the rankings and press release, visit: http://www.p2pays.org/press_releases/090809.pdf
Information about the upcoming plastic bottle landfill ban can be found at: http://www.p2pays.org/BannedMaterials/PlasticBottles/

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