CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Clear Channel Radio

Our contract with Clear Channel Radio was also approved. Yay! You may have already heard some ads in the Raleigh area. We tried something different this year. We are a Raleigh G Mobile Title Sponsor, meaning we are sponsoring its mobile phone text campaign. With this we get on-air promos five times a day, RE3.org on all out-going text messages, clickable logo on the G105 home page and much more.

In the Greensboro area we will be streaming commercials on 104 WTQR, 100.2 Buzz, 94.5 LaPreciosa, 99.5 WMA and 105.7 Kiss during the month of November. In the Charlotte area we will be streaming commercials on WEND 106.5 in November and on WRFX99.7 in January 2010. With both streaming packages we get a 15 second gateway video ad and a 30 second streaming audio commercial along with a hot-link logo display.

In the Asheville area we will be running terrestrial radio ads adjacent to morning and afternoon traffic reports. They will air for a one week period from February 8-12, 2010 on WKSF, WQNQ, WWNC and WPEK. We will also be working closely with Clear Channel Radio to promote America Recycles Day. More on that in another post!

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