Plastic bottle ban follow up – even more resources

We just can’t stop creating stuff for you to use to educate folks about the landfill bans.
1. Professionally produced radio about the landfill bans found here titled “Radio PSA (mp3).” This is airing on all Raleigh Clear Channel stations. Ask your Clear Channel station to air it.

2. We are trying to gauge the public’s awareness of the landfill bans. The following survey has been up on our web site and hard copies have been distributed, over the last couple of months. Now that we have done a huge educational and media push, let’s continue to see what the public’s response to this survey will be. Hopefully a more informed community will recycle more.

3. Looking for a creative idea to promote the landfill bans? Try singing the Jordin Sparks song “Battlefield,” with the word “battlefield” changed to “landfill.” Lyrics can be found here.

4. Want to engage your event participants with the plastic bottle ban? Try asking them to hold up a sign that says “I promise to recycle my plastic bottles.” Then take a picture of them for your Web site. The artwork for the sign can be found here. Sample pictures can be found here.

5. Lastly, many of you have asked about the plastic bottle strings and the statistic. The poster that goes with the strings (100 plastic bottles are disposed of per second in N.C.) can be found here. If you want to make your own strings check out this how-to here.

Let’s keep the momentum going. Please continue to use these resources.

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