Plastic Bottle Ban follow up - Tips for landfill operators on the bans

Guest blogger – Scott Mouw
DPPEA has a few best management practices for landfill and transfer station operators to consider in reacting to the bans:

1) Update facility signage to reflect the new disposal bans.

2) Communicate directly to disposal facility users about the bans by mail, in billing statements, through public information meetings or other means.

3) Consider asking for written replies from large facility users on steps they are taking to divert banned materials prior to delivery of loads to the facility.

4) Review waste screening procedures and work with facility staff responsible for waste screening to help them learn how to look out for banned materials.

5) Prepare written notices or other means to communicate with facility users if loads are noticed with banned materials above and beyond “accidental or occasional” disposal.

6) Consider establishing a drop-off service on or near the facility property to give facility users an alternative to the disposal of banned materials. Publish or provide recycling alternative information to all facility users.

7) Consider reaching out directly to generators on the importance of recycling the banned materials by contacts with business groups (e.g., the local chamber of commerce) and media outlets.

8) Keep records of all the steps taken to address the banned materials.

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