NC State Fair wrap-up - Part 2

Guest Blogger - Clare

In case you missed the N.C. State Fair this year (what, were you out of the country or something?) the special exhibit and one of the Fair’s themes was “Green N.C.”. There was a large tent featuring some DENR agencies, including DPPEA, spreading the “go green” message. For us, that meant talking about recycling and continuing the plastic bottle ban message. For some local high schools, that meant roundin’ up some reusable and recyclable materials and fastenin’ them into what the Fair has always been about: farm animals! I saw at least a dozen or so of these original critters made from all sorts of materials that people throw away every day, even though they still have a life in them.

So here are some of my favorites: Fuquay Varina High School’s “Sleepy Sheepy”. This sheep was awarded 3rd place over all in the competition. The sheep’s body is made from old soccer balls and its fur is comprised of plastic bottle caps. I forget what the hooves are made from but they look like hockey pucks.

Wakefield High School’s “Sheep” came in 2nd place. The sheep’s “wool” is a tangled mess of old phone and computer wires, and it looks great! The sheep’s head is made from old phone receivers (the snout) and old computer mice (the ears). The sheep lives on a bed of silk flowers once bound for the trash. I would buy something like that as yard art, seriously. It looked great!

First place (and rightfully so, in my opinion) was Cresset Christian Academy with “Franny la Poulet”. This chick’s made almost entirely from used grocery store bags held together by old chicken wire (appropriate). Her eyes are blown projector light bulbs and a cardboard beak. But the way these kids blended the brown bags with the white bags, it’s the real deal.

Grace Christian School’s entry “eBay” was inside the Green N.C. tent near the front entrance. This cow is made from all sorts of things, kind of like a certain online auction site I know. Some of the items include UNO cards, records, aluminum cans, greeting cards, picture frames, and more silk flowers.

The last creature I feature is West Johnston High School’s “Turkey”. This jumbo sized fowl would be the perfect mascot for the Scrap Exchange. Pieces upon pieces of old cloth, ribbon, and two whopping button eyes. I probably wouldn’t deep fry this bird though.

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