State Fair Wrap Up - Part 3

By now you know that the N.C. State Fair is recycling. Collection of material improved by leaps and bounds this year. Drum roll please . . .
- 12.68 tons of cardboard was recycled
- .77 tons of commingled cans and bottles were recycled, and
- More than 1,944 tons of grease was recycled.
This is a savings of 197.22 MTCE greenhouse gases, 211 BTUs of energy, 1,421 gallons of gas, 41 cubic yards of landfill space and 989 trees. (Calculations from NERC environmental calculator.)

However, 978.74 tons of trash was disposed of at the fair. If the dumpsters for all that trash was lined up end-to-end, it would run the whole length of the midway (214, 8 cubic yard dumpsters in total).

With 877,939 people attending the fair, each person generated about 2.23 pounds of trash per person. Clearly, there is still work to be done. But way to go N.C. State Fair for continuing to improve!

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