Help plastics recycling

Do you recycle anything and everything that your community collects? Do your friends and family call you the “über-recycler?” Do you wish you could recycle even more items? Keep reading.

The Association of Plastics Recyclers is trying to find ways to advance the recycling of non-bottle plastic containers in the United States. APR wants to collect data from residential sources to determine the amount of non-bottle plastics, compared to plastic bottles, being generated by homes across America. It has created a survey that is available on its Web site: http://plasticsrecycling.org/. The data collected will determine what non-bottle plastics are generated the most and which kinds of plastic containers communities should be collecting in the future.

To help with the survey, you need to be able to estimate the weight of both the plastic bottles and other plastic containers that your household generates. And that’s it. The survey requests data from two full weeks of plastics accumulation. If you do not have a scale with which to weigh your accumulated plastics, logging the exact number of specific items (such as "three 32-ounce #5 yogurt containers," or "two 1-gallon #2 milk jugs," or "six #1 clamshell takeout containers") is equally helpful to the APR. The deadline for survey results is Jan. 30, 2010.

This is a simple way to show the plastics industry that you’re ready for them to collect all the types of plastics that you generate.
The survey is being administered by Elizabeth Bedard, director of the APR Rigid Plastics Recycling Program. Please send survey results, questions or comments regarding the survey directly to her:
PO Box #2

Gilmanton IW, NH 03837

Phone: 603-528-1896
Fax: 603-524-1773

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