Who’s Texting

Guest Blogger - Kristen

The popularity of text messaging has caused many organizations to change the way they reach their audiences. Texting, or SMS (short message service), has become a preferred communication method for many people, young and old. Smart organizations have tapped into this texting craze as a fast, inexpensive and direct way to get their messages out to their customers, clients, employees and others. To communicate effectively, organizations need to know who is using SMS and how much they’re texting.

As a leading mobile ad network, mSnap Inc. enables organizations to reach audiences through text messaging. Their Web site states that:

-In 2006, the average SMS user was 36-years-old
-In 2007, 20 billion messages were sent each month
-People ages 18 to 24 use SMS the most
-People ages 25 to 34 are the second highest SMS users
-More men ages 13 to 34 use SMS than women from the same age group
-More women ages 35 and older use SMS than men from the same age group

As a leader in mobile marketing, media and commerce, Mobile Marketer provides readers with the latest marketing news. Its Jan. 13, 2010 online article describes the results of a texting survey. The article posted states that,

-80% believed they would get a faster response from an SMS than from an e-mail or voice message
-40% of women and 30% or men described themselves as being mainly texters
-25% of women and 14% of men participate in TV voting via SMS
-57% of those under age 35 send more than 30 texts a week
-44% of those ages 35 to 44 send more than 30 texts a week
-14% of those older than age 44 send more than 30 texts a week
-60% of people older than age 45 are just as likely to use SMS as they are to make phone calls

Tell us what you think. Do you prefer texting to e-mail and voice calls? How many text messages do you send a week?


Dodge This! said...

Thanks for the interesting statistics. Texting is a pain. I will sometimes respond to text messages, but I rarely send them. The frequency of texts and emails just increases my appreciation for my friends who still make telephone calls.

weee recycling said...

depends on who im contacting if friends its a text, family and anyone else its phone call.