Article: Time on social media up 82 percent

via newsobserver.com blogs by Matthew Fortner

Nielson recently released its report on social media use. Interesting trends on Facebook, Twitter and Australia.

Users spent over an average of five and half hours on social networking sites in December 2009 compared to three hours in the same month of the previous year, up 82 percent.

Facebook is the clear leader leaping past MySpace's declining user base. Twitter use exploded by a whopping 579 percent increase in unique visitors.

With 206.9 million unique visitors, Facebook was the No. 1 global social networking destination in December 2009 and 67 percent of global social media users visited the site during the month. Time on site for Facebook has also been on the rise, with global users spending nearly six hours per month on the site.

You might think the U.S., leaders of the free world, would lead in time spent on social media, but you'd be wrong. At nearly seven hours per user in the month, Australians outspent Americans by more than 40 minutes.

Read more on the report at Nielson.

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