Social Media - Frequently Asked Questions

Guest Blogger - Clare

N.C. DPPEA often gets questions on how we find time to update and maintain all the social media accounts RE3.org uses. DPPEA sees these social media sites as an important part of our education and outreach strategy. The popularity of Facebook, Twitter, etc., with the RE3.org demographic makes the time spent on social media sites appropriate. We have found that if you dedicate the time, you see results. For example, during the 2009 N.C. State Fair, DPPEA daily updated the RE3.org Facebook Page with pictures and status updates about our booth at the fair. After the 10-day event was over, there was an 8 percent increase in Facebook Page Fans.

Another common question is about allowing comments on our social media sites. DPPEA has indeed received some inappropriate comments on our YouTube account. However, YouTube and Blogger allow you to approve comments before they are posted. YouTube also has a filter mechanism that removes all swear words. DPPEA does allow negative comments to be posted on our sites (they occur infrequently) but responds to them with factual, pertinent recycling information. The division sees it as a way to start a dialogue and a way to use social media as a way to change perceptions about recycling.

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