Waste Reduction For Kids and Parents

Guest Blogger - Kristen

It’s never too early to adopt an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. In fact, learning at an early age how to take care of our planet is a key step in making a difference. Get on track with a greener lifestyle by adopting the three Rs of waste reduction- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

-Reduce- buy less stuff in the first place.
-Reuse- find other uses for items instead of throwing them away.
-Recycle- find out which materials are accepted for recycling in your community.

Share these tips with your kids and you’ll be surprised how enthusiastic they can get about the three Rs.
-Kids outgrow things quickly! Their clothes, toys and other gear don’t have to be thrown in the trash. Instead, sell them at a consignment sale or on Craigslist. Buying second-hand is also a good way to save money and the environment. You can always donate them to a charity.

-When packing your kids’ lunch tomorrow, fill their lunch box with reusable containers instead of throw-away bags.

-When eating lunch at home, even if you’re having a simple PB&J, use a washable plate instead of a throw-away plate.

-When planning your child’s birthday party, keep your green commitment in mind by using reusable plates and utensils instead of throw-away plastic.

-If your child’s school cafeteria doesn’t have recycling containers, get together with some other parents and work with the principal and school to get some.

-Set up a compost pile in your backyard and get your kids involved in maintaining it.

-Set up a competition among your children to see who can generate the least amount of trash in a week.

-Find out what happens beyond your kitchen trashcan. Schedule a trip for the whole family to your local landfill.

-Take your kids with you to the grocery store, and make a game out of picking products with the least amount of packaging.

-Find out from your child’s teacher if a waste reduction unit is in the year’s lesson plans. If it’s not, encourage the teacher to include one. Volunteer to help with the unit.

Remember, children watch what their parents do. Follow waste reduction tips yourself and your kids will too.

Tell us what you think. Does your child’s school offer recycling?
Have you and your kids ever visited your local landfill?

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