What’s up on Twitter

RE3.org tweeted from the CRA conference. We tweeted live from the plastics keynote session on Thursday, where we learned that yes, you can leave the caps ON when recycling your plastic bottles. Some of our followers had questions on this mind-blowing revelation. @waste_not, a waste reduction educator from Vancouver WA, responded with “Caps on? Reasons? We definitely prefer OFF! on this coast...” @RE3org responded by tweeting: “The plastics people said the newer equipment can handle the caps; It's the older equipment that has problems with them.”

@newscharlotte tweeted that the Sonoco recycling plant in Charlotte was getting upgraded (http://ow.ly/1nkAx), and @norgosino went further by tweeting that the Charlotte MRF is going full-scale.

Hundreds of North Carolinians tweeted the arrival of Vice President Biden to Durham to talk about Green Energy Jobs. An example: @Matt_eee Biden travels to North Carolina to tout green energy plant http://bit.ly/a4luRT

World Water Day was March 22. This was a trending topic for most of the day. @charitywater is the tweeter to follow to learn more.

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