Waste Reduction for the Office, Home and On-the-Go, Part III

Guest Blogger - Kristen

Reducing, reusing and recycling our waste are important steps in creating a more livable Earth. Therefore, it’s important to consider how waste reduction can fit into our lives inside and outside the home.

Follow these waste reduction tips and you’ll do your part to create a more livable Earth, whether you’re in the office, at home or on-the-go!

Waste Reduction Tips for On-the-Go
-Taking your lunch from home tomorrow? Don’t pack your PB&J in a disposable plastic bag; put it in a reusable container.

-Have you seen those stainless steel drink bottles? Drink from those on-the-go instead of using single-serve bottles.

-Did you notice how much packaging came with your last take-out order? Heavy plastic bowls with plastic lids, plastic utensils and a paper bag with a plastic handle? Dine-in, when you can, to reduce your consumption of this packaging.

-Next time you’re at the grocery store, buy some reusable fabric shopping bags instead of using plastic grocery bags.

-At the grocery store, make an effort to buy brands that use less packaging.

-Next time you buy a large item, decline a bag and just carry it out of the store.

-At your child’s next game, tie a bag labeled “Recycling” to the bleachers. Eventually, the other parents will catch on and start throwing in their bottles and cans. At the end of the game, toss the bag in your trunk, and empty it into your curbside recycling bin.

Tell us what you think.
Do you use fabric shopping bags at the grocery store?
Do your kids’ sporting events offer recycling?

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