CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Brand recognition

Below is an updated chart regarding brand recognition for the RE3.org and Recycle Guys campaigns. We had a 50 percent increase in RE3.org recognition at the state fair this year (‘08 was 8 percent and ‘09 was 16 percent). Recognition at 2010 Earth day events went down in both categories.

Some interesting items to note from the 2009 State Fair survey regarding our brands are below:

- Only 17 percent of the respondents from the Triad recognized either logo.
- The metropolis that recognized RE3.org the most was Jacksonville (26 percent) – Go Lisa Grant!
- The Raleigh-Durham areas recognized the Recycle Guys the most.
- Some places that respondents saw the logos were:
RE3.org – TV (20), School (18), Online (10), Recycling center (8), Newspaper (6)

Recycle Guys – TV (83), School (56), Recycling trucks (19), Newspaper (7), Bins (4), Recycling center (3)

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