RE3.org Commercials

"It's just one little can. One little can can't change the world." Ever heard that? Makes you shake your head at the ignorance, doesn't it? That one little can is energy, water, pollution savings, jobs and more money for your home town to spruce up, perk up and stand up. It's not what it can't do, but what it can do... FOR YOU!

Enjoy counting beans? All over North Carolina, people just like you are employed, pay taxes, spend money and invest in their communities thanks to recycling. The stuff you recycle means that 14,000 North Carolinians have a job and that means money for the economy.

Still not convinced? How's this? Recycling reduces air pollution. Reduced air pollution means slowed climate change, fewer cases of asthma and fewer red level alert days.

RE3.org has great commercials to encourage you to do just that. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Check them out on YouTube!

· Epiphany- http://youtu.be/0mMOAfcWkX8

· Find a Bin- http://youtu.be/cThO5JoOFjo

· Jerry and Amanda- http://youtu.be/QTqX4mJKTwc

· Longing Can- http://youtu.be/F8r6zHibZz4

Source: RE3.org

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