This Web site, founded on the principles of community-based social marketing, offers specific tools, case studies and a planning guide for helping people take actions and adopt habits that promote health and/or are more environmentally-friendly. This Web site will help you include in your programs the best practices of many other programs - practices that have already been successful in changing people's behavior.


What is that wheel that Bianca is spinning?

If you saw my America Recycles Day post when we were on NC State’s campus, Bianca brought with her the “Wheel of Waste Reduction”. This is a great way to engage people at a booth. They have to answer a waste reduction question before they get their “free stuff.”

If you have any recycling, composting, reuse or waste reduction questions you want to submit to Bianca feel free to post them in the comments section of this blog.


Billboard in Jacksonville

Check out this billboard that Keep Onslow Beautiful is putting up in Jacksonville, NC.

I wonder if their phone calls will increase while it is up?

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – “Freegans” - Dumpster diving for food

"Freegans” - Dumpster diving for food
Check out this great video about food waste on Current TV.



Stat: According to the Use Less Stuff Report, Americans throw away 25 percent more trash during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's than any other time of the year. This amounts to an extra million tons of waste being generated nationwide each week.

Here are some simple gift ideas from the New American Dream on how to REDUCE WASTE GENERATION:

1) Give the gift of time -
Examples: Babysitting, A month of cleaning the cat box or other household chores

2) Homemade gifts -
Examples: Baked goods, photo collage, plant clippings. Make a rope swing, wooden blocks or a sandbox for a child. An emergency car kit

3) Gifts of experience -
Examples: Teach someone how to knit, play a sport, speak a new language, swing dance, change their oil, roller skate, take photos, etc.

4) Donate gifts to charity - This year consider giving gifts of charity that help the lives of those less privileged.

RE3.org SURVEY QUESTIONS – Don’t blow off the environment

Please answer the questions below in the comment section.

Which of the following describes your general reaction to this graphic:

- I really like it - It’s OK - Don’t like it much

Is it attention-getting?
- Very Much - A little - Not at all
Is it interesting?
- Very Much - A little - Not at all
Is it direct/to the point?
- Very Much - A little - Not at all

What about this graphic do you like?

What about this graphic don’t you like?


Happy Thanksgiving!

Rutherford County’s award winning recycled material scarecrow says:

Happy Thanksgiving!


Check out this great newspaper article from Carla Parks in Iredell County about how to make an Earth-Friendly Thanksgiving dinner.

Here are some great Turkey Day tips from Lisa Grant in Onslow County.
- Buy Organic – Organic foods are grown without harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and synthetic fertilizers. Many grocery stores are now offering organic products as an alternative to non-organic products.

- Buy Locally and Give Locally – Support your local organic farmers by buying their foods and if you can contribute to your local Food Bank, please do.

- Use Reusable Silverware and Dishes – Save landfill space and your environment by REUSING over and over again. Reusable dishes and silverware are more attractive and better for the environment. Your guests will appreciate the real deal. You can gather a set of dishes and silverware at your local thrift store for a small price and you would be reusing even more than if you bought a new set.

- Compost Your Leftovers – Compost your Thanksgiving dinner leftovers and make a wonderful organic fertilizer for your garden.

- Remember to be Thankful for a Clean and Healthy Environment.


RE3.org Survey Results - NC State, Fall 2006

Last week we conducted a survey about RE3 on NC State’s campus. Here is the initial summary.

Demographic: 44% of respondents were female and 46% male.
91% of respondents were 18-24 years old.

1. Have you seen the RE3.org logo before today?

* 88% of respondents had never seen the logo before
* 12% had seen the logo before

2. Of those who had seen the logo -

* 7% saw it on a poster

* 5% on the Internet

* 4% saw it elsewhere
* 1% each saw it in a movie theater
* 1% in a newspaper

* 1% on a truck

3. Describe your reaction to the logo RE3.org -

* 53% said “It’s OK”

* 46% said “I really like it”

* 1% said “Don’t like it much”

4. Describe your reaction to the slogan “However you do it, recycle!” -

* 54% said “It’s OK”

* 37% said “I really like it”

* 9% said “Don’t like it much.”

5. How often do you get your information from the following sources?
(Respondents could check more than one answer)
* 33% said Internet is always how they get their information

* 29% said friends

* 20% said newspaper

* 20% said parents

* 15% said television
* 9% said radio

CAMPAIGN UPdATE - Giving Thanks

I am pleased to announce that we have raised more than $41,000 for the recycling campaigns. Any other local governments or organizations want to join? Here’s a list of the kind folks contributing so far.

- Brunswick County
- Burlington
- Cary
- Catawba County
- Charlotte
- Chatham County
- Davidson County
- Durham County
- Johnston County
- Lee County
- Mecklenburg County
- New Hanover County
- North Carolina SWANA
- Orange County
- Raleigh
- Wayne County



$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$

The North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance is pleased to release the request for pre-proposals for the 2007 Community Waste Reduction and Recycling Grants (CWRARs).

The CWRAR grant round is open to all North Carolina local governments, solid waste authorities, councils of government and not-for-profit organizations seeking to expand or implement new waste reduction and recycling projects in the state. The maximum award this year is $25,000 and requires a 10 percent cash match. Pre-proposals are due February 9, 2007 and preliminary awards should be announced in mid-March, 2007.

SOCIAL MARKETING TIP – Turning Point Collaborative Part 2

I went to the Webinar last week by Mike Newton-Ward from the N.C. Division of Public Health. Their Division has heavily incorporated social marketing into their programs for six years. The focus of Mike’s talk was about how they have educated division employees about social marketing.

These bullets are from the last slide of his presentation and they say a lot!
- Think behavior change
- Know your audience
- Think benefits and costs of behavior
- When/where in the right frame of mind
- When/where is right place and time

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – RE3.org “Longing Can” Commercial

We’ve created a RE3.org commercial called “Longing Can.” Watch it here or check it out on RE3’s You Tube page. Leave your comments below. Tell us what you think.


Does art imitate life or the other way around?

Rachel stopped by my office last week and said, “Did you watch ‘My Name is Earl’ last night on NBC?” I responded “No.” Then she told me how the cool episode talked about decreasing your ecological footprint.

You can laugh and watch the 2-minute summary of the episode on NBC. The name of the episode was ““Robbed a stoner blind.”

I wonder if the demand for compact florescent light bulbs will increase after this?

NETWORKING - Viral marketing at its best

I have been checking out other blogs – many listed to the left about social marketing. I put a comment on one about our new RE3.org video. Check out this on-line poll about the ad on this blog.



This week I was fortunate enough to do a radio show about Holiday Waste Reduction Tips for Clear Channel stations in Raleigh. It will air this Sunday morning (11/19) on G105, 100.7 The River, 106.1 RDU and Sunny 93.9. If you don’t get these radio stations in your area, you can listen to the interview on-line at 7:30 AM on Sunday on G105 - just click listen live in the top left corner.

Thanks to the following sources for information.
- The New American Dream
- Environmental Protection Agency
- Bianca

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – RE3.org “Tag” commercial

We have finished creating a RE3.org commercial called “Tag.” Watch it here or check it out on You Tube. Leave your comments below. Tell us what you think.


How did you spend America Recycles Day?

My Raleigh buddy Bianca, our intern Nicole and I hung out on NC State’s campus yesterday to talk with students about recycling. Read up about the “Landfill on the Lawn” event in this article from NC State’s student newspaper, The Technician.

Look at this tattoo we saw yesterday. Timely!

While on campus we surveyed students about RE3.org. Check back here next week for the survey results.

Training: Turning Point Collaborative

The Turning Point collaborative was created to transform and strengthen the public health system in the United States to make the system more effective, more community-based, and more collaborative. This group is using social marketing to change behavior.

Learn more about this group at a seminar tomorrow.

- Speaker: Mike Newton-Ward, NC DPH Social Marketing Consultant

- Topic: Explore how NC DPH has developed social marketing capacity

- When: Friday, November 17th Noon-1PM

- Where: Raleigh, NC - NC DPH Offices, Training Room C-1, Building 3

- Directions: Take Six Forks Road north of I-440. Go through the intersection with Millbrook Road (approximately 1.5 miles north of the Beltline). The NC DPH offices are the 3 yellow/brown buildings on the left just after the intersection with Millbrook Road. Building #3 is the northern most building. You may park anywhere. Sign in at the front lobby and tell the receiptionist you are looking for Training Room C-1.


America Recycles 2006

Today is set aside to celebrate America Recycles 2006. Even though we need to talk about recycling and buying recycled products all year, this is one day to rally around the issues. Make sure to sign the America Recycles pledge (a good social marketing technique) and register to win an all-expenses paid 7-night Alaskan cruise for 2 people. Good luck!



The City of Raleigh added new material to their curbside recycling program in July. Check out the commercial they made. It describes how recyclables should be prepared and what isn't acceptable.


Inaugural Post

Hello. The NC Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance is going viral. Not the bad kind – viral marketing.

Welcome to the new RE3.org blog. This is the place to get up-to-date information about the recycling campaign, social marketing techniques and cool ways local governments promote recycling. It is an interactive forum. Feel free to Email me your submissions or include comments to the daily posts.

This blog will feature the following:

- Spotlights on local government examples, social marketing ideas and sponsor
- New campaign material
- Waste reduction and recycling tips
- Links to other recycling web sites and videos
- Evaluations so you can tell us what works and what doesn't

We look forward to this new way of communicating with everyone.