RBRC Survey and Awareness Study

I am a nut for data and I received some great survey findings from the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation. I posted some information in a previous blog post about this survey. But after meeting Linda with RBRC at a Wal-Mart meeting she gave me all sorts of details regarding their survey and study.

Some interesting things for NC recycling coordinators is below:
- The number of people who did NOT experience green guilt in 2008 (42%) decreased from 2007 (50%), indicating that American’s are increasingly realizing that their actions to preserve the environment – large and small – can make a difference. This is sooooooo important. I can’t ever say it enough – ONE PERSON’S ACTIONS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

They segmented their audience to better target their marketing efforts. Here are the segments they created:
- Heavy-Use Recyclers = 11.8%
- Light but Dedicated = 22.4%
These groups are better educated, mid-40’s and upper middle class. Aware of and use recycling programs. RBRC will use these people to create a word of mouth campaign to leverage others to recycle. YES! I would love to see a word of mouth campaign in NC.

- Hoarders of E-Waste = 10.6%
- No occasion to recycle = 19.8%
- Abashed Trashers = 12.8%
- Reforming Heavy Users = 2.8%
These groups are likely to be educated females, early 40’s and middle class. Low past recycling behavior but good future recycling predictions. They have little knowledge that rechargeable batteries are recyclable so they end up in closets or the garbage. This is the group that RBRC plans to target with their marketing efforts.

- Unabashed Trashers = 16%
- Don’t know, Don’t care = 3.9%
These groups of people are both male and female, early 40’s and lower education and income. This group doesn’t want to be told what to do and will not likely change their behavior.

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