The First Ever Eco-Friendly Fashion Magazine

Guest Blogger - Margaret

Recently while shopping at the N.C. State bookstore I noticed a new magazine on the shelf. What caught my eye was the “100% Recycle” emblem in big letters on the cover. Boho Magazine is a new publication primarily focusing on Green fashion and living a Green lifestyle. The neat part about Boho is that the entire magazine is printed on recycled paper and printed with recycled ink! Inside you can find all kinds of interesting ways to re-use old clothes, furniture, scrap materials or pretty much anything and turn them into unique and stylish fashions. The magazine also shares information about neat shops in the U.S. who sell all types of recycled products. It would be great if North Carolina could start a publication like this, or possibly create a knock-off of Boho to feature places in N.C. where artists use recycled materials to create new products. It might even inspire others in N.C. to take on the craft of recycling and support waste reduction in our state!

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