How are we doing? RE3.org MySpace Hits

The following is a brief summary on RE3.org’s MySpace profile and blog during 2008 (January 2009 was included since January 2008 was not tracked). The data I am using comes from MixMap.com, an online IP tracker site, and data from MySpace. MixMap tracking for the MySpace RE3.org profile began on 1/28/2008, while MixMap tracking for the blog began on 09/21/2008.

Figure 1 shows the MySpace reported number of profile and blog views at the end of each month. There were a total of 2,426 MySpace profile views in 2008 and 1,587 views of the MySpace blog in the same year, making the 2008 average monthly views of 202 and 132 respectfully. An average of 3-5 people visit our MySpace profile daily.

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