Federal Stimulus Package Contains Some Provisions for Recycling

Guest Blogger - Scott

The National Recycling Coalition has released an announcement on the eligibility of recycling projects for funding under the stimulus package – here is the text from the NRC announcement:

Washington, DC (February 19, 2009) - The Stimulus Package signed by President Obama on February 17 included the provision advocated by NRC and its members, specifically authorizing $3.2 Billion for the Energy Efficiency Block Grant program, from which communities may use distributed funds in support of a variety of energy-related actions, to include projects related to source reduction and recycling. Thank you to all our members who contacted their elected officials to ensure that this program was adequately funded. As we indicated in our Call to Action on the Stimulus Package, this is only the first step. Now, it is necessary to contact your local officials and advocate for using some of these funds for needed recycling infrastructure and education programs that can be translated into lasting energy savings, while at the same time producing manufacturing and service jobs for the provision of recycling services.

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