Campaign Sponsorships sought

Last year was a difficult year for Wall Street, main street, local governments, recycling markets and our friends and family. Our hope for 2010 is improved recycling infrastructure, increased collections and more recycling participation. By partnering on education and outreach we can work together to increase recycling throughout North Carolina.

In 2009 DPPEA purchased 12 weeks of Recycle Guys, RE3.org and Recycle More N.C. commercial air time on Time Warner Cable and Charter Cable. Using these two companies we receive coverage in all metropolitan areas like Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, Wilmington and Asheville. We also receive coverage in Jacksonville, Elizabeth City, Morehead City and Robeson County.

DPPEA also advertised on Clear Channel radio in Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte and Asheville. We use a mixture of terrestrial radio, streaming radio and mobile phone text campaigns. The final component of our media buys for 2009 was a sponsorship of the SJG Greater NC Pro-Am basketball tournament at N.C. Central University.

In 2010, we plan to continue to use Time Warner Cable for television advertising but may also supplement with the Latino channel Univision. Data shows that cinema advertising can be very effective and could be targeted to certain N.C. communities. DPPEA has been looking into this media option. With our new 35-55 year old campaign, Recycle More NC, we are looking into targeted newspaper advertising and NPR sponsorships.

Simply put, the success of the outreach campaigns depends on partnerships – by pooling resources and working together, we can build effective outreach programs at an efficient cost. None of us could do something on the scale of the Recycle Guys and RE3.org campaigns alone. Through shared effort we can give your community valuable educational materials while providing a foundation of targeted advertising that “brands” recycling with the public in every community.

To make this effort as broad and far-reaching as possible, we are asking that you work with the N.C. Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance to sponsor the Recycle Guys, RE3.org and Recycle More N.C. state-wide recycling campaigns.

We know local governments continue to have difficult economic times. However, if you can contribute any amount it would be appreciated. Please join us in this partnership if you can. Contact Kelley at Kelley.Dennings@ncdenr.gov for more information.

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