KAB Spotlights Schools Recycling Plastic Bottles

Guest Blogger – Cornelia McGee-Anthony

The city of Rocky Mount, Edgecombe County, and KAB of Nash & Edgecombe Counties sponsored the School Plastic Bottle Recycling Challenge in local area schools, which ran Oct. 1 - 30. The goal of the recycling competition was to educate children and the community on the importance of recycling, taking care of the environment, promoting the state of North Carolina’s plastic bottle disposal ban and saving landfill space.

Local area schools were involved in the School Plastic Bottle Recycling Challenge. These schools collected nearly 5,200 pounds of plastic bottles: Benvenue Elementary, D.S. Johnson Elementary, Edgecombe Early College High (2nd place winner), Faith Christian, G.W. Carver Elementary, Our Lady of Perpetual Help (1st place winner), Parker Middle, Princeville Montessori (3rd place winner), Rocky Mount Preparatory, Stocks Elementary, Tarboro High, Williford Elementary and Winstead Avenue Elementary. This program promoted community involvement and educated students on the benefit of cleaning up the environment. KAB of Nash & Edgecombe Counties provided a $300 donation to winning schools and the city of Rocky Mount Environmental Services Division and Edgecombe County Solid Waste Department provided each participating school with recycling containers and collection service.


Chris Lawrence said...
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Anonymous said...

From Chris Lawrence -
This is great, but we are still making billions of these plastic water bottles every year, and recycling doesn't really help that. The recycling process uses a lot of energy, and the final product is not another water bottle, so factories are still pumping out billions despite recycling.

This is a completely unnecessary product and it needs to be banned, as many other local governments have already done.

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RE3.org said...

Thanks for your comment. Please review our web site with further information about recycling. We are fortunate that in the Carolina's water bottles can be turned back into water bottles, thus saving energy.

A picture of the process can be found here - http://www.re3.org/docs/recyclecycle.